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Psychics vs. Mediums

People may think that psychics and mediums are the same, but this is not true. They both have their own meaning and have different objectives. Furthermore, clairvoyants have a different meaning to psychics and mediums. Although each has its own meaning, they are equally important and are here to support those who want it. We will discuss those differences below.


One with psychic abilities can be more in touch with one’s mental abilities. Therefore, psychics are known to be able to learn specific facts about the past, the present, and the future. Psychics can get a certain feeling or intuition regarding certain information and then pass this on to the client, who then makes sense of the piece of information.


Mediums are those who have the ability to get in touch with people who have moved on to the spiritual realm. They act as a ‘middle-man’ for those seeking closure from what they know as a deceased relative or friend who has passed on to the spiritual world.

Now, these two descriptions are still very closely linked in the world of spiritualism; however, people mainly refer to psychics when talking about people who delve into parapsychological concepts. Thus, those who delve into the world of communicating with those in the spiritual world are known as mediums. Mediums do, however, hone the ability for psychic practices. Therefore, it is essential to note that psychics cannot delve into the world of mediums.


Clairvoyants are those who receive more vital messages than mediums and psychics. Clairvoyants can see clearly, clairaudients can hear clearly, and clairsentients can feel clearly the messages they receive from those in the spiritual world.

What Happens in a Meeting With a Psychic, Medium, or Clairvoyant?

Each person will have their own experience visiting a free psychic chat, medium, or clairvoyant. The most obvious thing that may happen is for you to interact or communicate with your loved ones who are no longer in the physical world. You may also receive information you were not expecting, guidance, perspective, or clarity for your life.


Now that you know the difference between psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants, you will know what to expect when visiting each.