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3 football stadiums in Europe you must visit!

What do you like most about visiting a football stadium? Is it the outstanding fans, the waving flags and scarves or the loud choirs and singing. We have not even mentioned what’s going on on the field. Visiting a football stadium is something every fan of this beautiful game should do. You simply can’t experience them through the TV or Playstation. There are numerous football stadiums you could place on this list, but here you’ll find three stadiums in Europe that are truly legendary. 


  1. Wembley

When you talk about England and soccer, there are two stadiums that really stand out. One of them is Old Trafford, which listens to the illustrious name Theatre of Dreams. It’s located in the soccer city of Manchester. The absolute number one football stadium in England is of course the Wembley Stadium. Home games of the English soccer team and cup finals are played there. The Wembley Stadiumbreathes exactly that what England is: the birthplace of soccer.


  1. Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is home to Bayern Munich, the dominant superpower in the German Bundesliga. A visit to the Allianz Arena should definitely be on your list. The Bayern Munich stadium is characterized by the very impressive exterior of the stadium. The white round exterior is illuminated red when Bayern Munich plays. However, when fellow townsman 1860 Munich plays, the outside of the stadium is colored blue.


  1. San Siro

San Siro is a stadium you have to visit when you go to Italy. There are plans to replace the stadium. And that would be a pity, because the impressive stadium from 1925 is beautiful. The home of both AC Milan and Inter Milan has had numerous legendary matches (there were even matches played in this temple before the 1934 World Cup) and was also awarded twice a Champions League final.

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