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The goal of marketing attribution

So, what is marketing attribution? To put it simply, it’s something that all marketers do every day. When you’re analyzing the performance of your marketing activities, you’re performing attribution. It’s the moment when you decide how much revenue goes to a certain channel, campaign, ad group, keyword, or product. Take a dive into the marketing attribution definition.

Marketing attribution has been a complex issue for as long as digital marketing has been around. Since marketers are using ads and sponsorships to influence people, questions about the performance of different media activities are asked. The industry’s standard is last-click attribution, meaning only the last click in the customer journey is credited. Google Analytics also sport this model. 

So what is the Bing attribution model? Understanding the customer journey is one of the most important goals of marketing attribution. By applying proven attribution models, marketers can better evaluate how much one channel influences a customer. With a holistic view of marketing, businesses can optimize their spend to get the best possible results from their customers. So, what happens when you apply multi-touch attribution? Odyssey is a program that allows marketers to view their advertisements within a complete customer journey. By doing so, the fog that surrounds the customer’s entire journey will be blown away. Every Bing campaign or keyword (depending on the level) is given a certain index by Odyssey based on its relative value to the customer journey, Odyssey calls this the Incrementality index. Multi-touch attribution has many benefits. First, it’s an excellent way for marketers to gain insight into their customer journey. The multi-touch attribution system from Odyssey is always able to break down the intermediaries that exist in a customer journey, because it assigns an index to every keyword or ad. This index is calculated based on the relative value of that keyword or ad to the customer journey.