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Tips to find your creativity!

Tips to find your creativity! 

Sometimes your working- or even hobby-life just gets in a slump. You will find yourself struggling finding creativity to take any actions; this brings a lack of motivation and soon a negative vicious cycle will overtake your daily routine. Whenever you find struggles in being creative and find back your daily motivation, we would like to give you some tips to get out of that rut again. Maybe our tips and tricks will help you, so please read beneath trough! 


Improve your mood

According to several studies, your inner peace and mood depends on the level of your creativity. Whenever you feel stressed, tired or just not rested, this will negatively influence the way the right side of your brain works; your creativity will become lower. Finding yourself stressed or a head full of thoughts, it might help to just discharge that cargo. You could do this by sporting. Running, going to the gym or outdoor sports; when sporting you will get rid of your thoughts, and you will feel less stressed afterwards. You will find yourself in a better mood after an hour of sweating and this will improve your creativity! 


Equipment to improve your creativity

There are quit a lot of different materials and equipment that play the market that can be used to improve your creativity. It is found that when smelling the same scent for day and night, your creativity will improve. Just another excuse thus, to purchase that delicious scented candle anyway! Next to the scented candle, you could also make use of relaxation pills, which will empty the thoughts in your head and thus will give more room for creativity. You could buy such pills in smartshops. Next to those pills, you could also purchase and try psychedelic mushrooms in such a smartshop; after use of mushrooms you will also find more room for creativity!  


Train your right sided brain! 

Maybe you never heard of it before, but you can train your right sided brain. This could be done by putting off all the electric devices in your house (skip the distraction!) and just take an empty piece of paper and a pen. Think about the most boring object you could imagine, such as a tree trunk and go find yourself some ideas what would be possible to do with that tree trunk. Just write everything down; nothing is too weird! Training your brain in this way will give you more creativity regarding work or hobbies.