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How to make race-Sunday your own racing Sunday?

Always wondering how an extreme battle as the battles between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen would feel? Always wondering how it would be to get a DRS and to overtake your concurrent? There is a fantastic realistic manner to experience all the aspects of a formula 1 Sunday-race: racing games! Less expensive, less dangerous and you can do it whenever you like. But how to make your setting as realistic as possible? Read underneath through and before you know it, you’ll even break Hamilton’s’ records. 

Make sure you are not missing out on equipment.

To make the driving as realistic as possible and to make you feel like a real formula 1 driver, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t miss out on equipment. Make sure that you have bought all the equipment and for example not only the steering wheel. The more gear you purchase, the more the quality of your games will develop and the faster you master the online racing games. 

‘’Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten’’.

In addition, and to support your racing dream, it is of big importance to invest in high-quality equipment. Under the guise of ‘if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly’ it is best to make sure that your racing gear is of good quality. Thereby, this could help you with experiencing the real deal during the race.  Our advise: take a look at when looking for the best quality!

Let’s up your game! 

Well, realistic and sufficient gear is of great importance, but the gear wouldn’t even matter if your surroundings and the game you play doesn’t feel realistic. Do some investigation in which game you would like to race, and which games have the most realistic graphics and looks. It would be a shame to have the best quality of equipment but the most poorly quality of racing game.