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Fall in love with critical customers

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Why are critics and detractors a very valuable resource for your business? How to communicate correctly with critical customers? Here are 7 wise tips from the business bestselling Get Feedback by Jay Baer.

Thank the customer

A compliment in response to a complaint, an apology for the inconvenience is a virtuoso trick to help turn the situation in your favor. Do not forget that the success of your business depends primarily on how many satisfied customers among your customers.

Be active

By actively engaging with your audience, you enhance the quality of your customer service, and this increases the efficiency of your business. But if you’ve chosen not to respond or respond to criticism, it’s worth remembering that your silence is also an answer. It means: “I don’t care what you think of me.”

Use all communication channels

Respond to any complaint, anytime, anywhere. ” Stay connected on social media, by phone and email.

Be grateful for any, even the most negative, feedback.

Appreciate this: someone took the time, sat down at the computer and let you know that the sandwiches in your cafe are served cold, and the waiter often confuses orders. You should be sincerely grateful for this “insight”, because it can help you avoid the dissatisfaction of other clients.

Answer customer questions

If you are the one who answers all customer questions, you will be able to stand out from the competition. It is much more pleasant for the client to feel that he is not just a source of income, but those who really want to provide a high-quality service.

Become friends

The relationship “buyer-seller” today should resemble rather the relationship of friends, because if for the customer there is no difference between the goods produced, the difference between the sellers will matter. Everything can be faked except love and sincere sympathy.

What to do with inadequate clients?

Even if you are dealing with inappropriate users who may openly insult you or your business, there is only one way out – “hug them all” – respond to everyone in the most friendly manner possible. Remember that business is, first of all, business, “nothing personal.”

The main thing

Answer anytime, anywhere and as quickly as possible.

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