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Getting IPv4 without an IP broker is a bad idea. Here’s why

If you have a company or are simply someone with quite a few IPv4 addresses, it is very likely that you have come across or have heard of the IP transfer market. For years now this market has been booming, this is all thanks to the depletion of the IPv4 that became official in 2019. Because we live in an age where in order for a business or company to survive, they need the internet and their own networks. For them to use their networks effectively, IPv4 address space needs to be in abundance for them. So, when the RIPE NCC declared that they have run out of addresses to allocate, the demand for IPv4 skyrocketed. 

Every year the amount of money for a single IPv4 gets raised, making it more and more expensive to buy them in bulk. Many companies that have gone bankrupt or have no longer need most of their IPv4 address decide to sell them in the transfer market, getting a pretty penny for the product. If you are looking to enter this market and want to do it alone, without an IP broker, here is our attempt in convincing you why doing it alone is a bad idea. And why getting in touch with an IP broker is your best bet.

They have an established network and you don’t

IP brokers more often than not have been in the game for quite a while at this point. And by being a seasoned IP broker, they get a lot of perks. One of those perks is having an established network or client list. They have worked with many people who are seeking IPv4 addresses and most of the time, those people are still looking. Thus, choosing to not partner up with an IP broker will mean that you will have to spend an excessive amount of time not just looking for people to sell IPv4 addresses to, but also making sure they aren’t scammers.

You will run into a lot of risks

If you aren’t careful and do proper research before getting into the IP transfer market, you can run into quite a lot of risks. You have to keep many things in mind, such as how the transfer process for IPv4 works in different countries, if the person you are doing business with is trustworthy, and more. With an IP broker, the risks you will face will be lowered exponentially.

Find an IP broker

At you can find more information about selling IPv4s and working with IP brokers. Do yourself a favor and don’t try and do this on your own, find an IP broker you can trust and have a smooth journey in this market.