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The advantages of having a long range RFID

Many private or restricted areas take security very seriously, as they should. These are places not just anyone can go in and out whenever they please. With security guards and security cameras standing by to protect the property, it’s very evident that safety and protection are important. One of the main ways restricted areas are protected is by having vehicular access control. Vehicular access can be controlled as simply as having people use an entrance card, or it can be more secure with a long range RFID. 

A long range RFID will boost the security of a private or restricted area incredibly. RFID stands for radio frequency identification, which is pretty self-explanatory about how it works. Using radio frequencies to identify vehicles in order to give them access comes with a great deal of benefits. Here is a list of those benefits.

It’s user-friendly

With a system that uses electromagnetic fields to track and identify objects, anyone would assume that it takes a big team to set it all up or a genius to understand how it works. Fortunately, that is not the case, the long range RFID is made to be user-friendly so anyone can actually set it up. There are just three main components: The long range RFID reader, the RFID tag, and the RFID antenna.

It’s pretty flexible

Not all restricted areas or private properties are the same, security-wise, and the long range RFID is not a system that fits everywhere perfectly. This is why companies that offer the long range RFID, such as Nedap ID, provide help to adjust the system to better suit each specific customer. A gated community might need to use the RFID differently than a restricted office building.

It’s automatic

The feature that makes the long range RFID one of the best ways to grant access to vehicles in a restricted or private area is that it does everything automatically. This attribute alone brings even more benefits to any area that will use the long range RFID. Having this system be automatic means a restricted area or private location doesn’t need to rely on a single or a couple of security guards who may be useful in other ways instead of making sure each and every vehicle that enters the location is permitted to enter and safely accounted for.

It’s more efficient

Thanks to the automated technology of the long range RFID system, granting access to permitted vehicles is done a lot more efficiently. The more orthodox way of granting access to vehicles by scanning an access card or being checked by a security guard takes time. And with the long range RFID system, once the vehicle with the RFID tag is close enough to the reader, access will be granted or denied automatically. This eliminates any chance of traffic congestion, and everything will go smoothly.