Join this law network and be part of an association of professionals


Are you looking to expand your professional network by joining a law network of professionals? The experts of LawExchange International  are eager to make your acquaintance. This law network consists of more than 34 independent member firms, with each its own specialism. Members are carefully selected for membership based on a number of factors, including professional competence, reputation, integrity and commitment to exceptional client service. Is your firm up to the challenge? Join this chain of professionals and enjoy the benefits of being a part of this international law network.

A network of experts who complement each other

Being a part of the professional law network of LawExchange International means sharing a wide range of knowledge with other member firms. Each member firm has its own core business, which is how they complement the law network. A LawExchange International member firm possesses the local knowledge necessary to help eliminate challenges in their region. These challenges are associated with doing business in a worldwide marketplace in terms of navigating local news, economic and business climates and politics. With joining the network of LawExchange International, you are joining a network which collectively carries a great deal of relevant knowledge on all current issues.

The core resolutions which you are committing to

When you and your firm join the law network of LawExchange International, you are committing to several resolutions:

  • Coverage: as a member firm you meet the diverse needs of their clients and network colleagues. You do this by providing qualified, local legal counsel covering the world’s major commercial centers
  • Competence: as a member firm you provide high-quality legal counsel through lawyers with sophisticated backgrounds and experience with legal cases
  • Client Service: as a member firm you provide exceptional client service through your dedication to responsive, attentive and caring customer service. You also build long-term relationships with your clients and network colleagues
  • Cost Consciousness: as a member firm you maintain efficient rate structures and management and staffing of matters
  • Cooperation: as a member firm you maintain close professional and personal relationships with your colleagues
  • Conduct: as a member firm you maintain a high level of integrity and ethics

So wait no longer and join this collective of professional member firms.